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Preparing for Your Pets Stay

Being prepared for your pets' stay ahead of time will help ensure everything goes smoothly and as stress free as possible for you and your pet. 


  • Verify that all your pets' required vaccines are current with verifiable proof for our records.
  • The Bordetella vaccination for canines cannot be given any closer than 7 days before your boarding date. If this vaccine is not current or is given within the week prior to your boarding date, we will not be able to board your dog.
  • No vaccine given by yourself, a breeder or a party that is not through a veterinary hospital or mobile vaccine clinic will be accepted as a valid vaccine. 


  • Familiar items from home are encouraged! Bring your pets' food/special diets, toys, treats (no rawhides), blankets, and any necessary medications.
  • Do not bring bowls, we provide them
  • Do not bring beds if your boarding in our large runs; they are often unused by your pet, and are subjected to urine/fecal matter if your pet goes inside their run. We are currently in the process of buying Kuranda elevated built in beds for all of our large runs. 
  • Please mark any items from home with your last name in permanent marker