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General Surgery

Our veterinarians are all experienced surgeons, from simple procedures such as spays and neuters, to complex gastrointestinal surgeries, C-sections, and limb amputations.


Some general pricing for spays and neuters are below; this cost includes the anesthesia, surgery, recovery, and pain medication to take home afterward. Additional options or procedures are not included in this price.


More complex surgeries are best priced after an exam and discussion with a veterinarian.


Feline neuter: $80                Feline spay: $125


Canine neuters:              Canine spays:

0-30 lbs      $125                 0-30 lbs    $165

31-60 lbs    $150                 31-60 lbs   $185

61-80 lbs    $180                 61-80 lbs    $205

81-100 lbs  $220                 81-100 lbs   $235

101+ lbs     $250                  101+ lbs       $285